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Modern practice has made law a treadmill. The result is a life out of balance, in which no aspect is satisfying.

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More lawyers are dissatisfied with their lives and practices than ever before. From mega-firms to house counsel to solo shops, there is more discontent with the profession than at any time in history. The result is that lawyers are leaving the profession in droves, at great expense to firms and their own personal and professional growth. And many lawyers who stay do so at the expense of a fulfilling personal life.

Surviving and thriving in law today is about winning the war for talent. It’s also about creating an environment that helps both solo practitioners and lawyers in large firms address the following realities:

  • The war for talent is the challenge to differentiate yourself or your firm
  • Mentoring is marketing
  • A happier, more rounded person is a better lawyer
  • Retaining and attracting valued associates, delivering better service to clients, and preventing yourself from burning out are the same thing

Lawyers are People

What differentiates one firm from another? Its lawyers. What differentiates one lawyer from another? The unique qualities each individual brings to the table.

With technology holding us in a 24/7 grip, outsourcing threatening many time-honored functions, and relentless bottom line pressures, it’s easy to look at ourselves as billable hour machines. Forgetting that we’re people ultimately makes us less competitive and productive, and more miserable and disengaged.

The solution isn’t about flex time or billing fewer hours. It’s about making more effective use of your time – including the hours you bill and what you do outside the office.

Life in Law

Life in Law is a comprehensive program that works with lawyers at any stage to achieve work-life balance. Its unique approach to addressing the legal profession’s challenges is based on time and energy management, sports and performance psychology, storytelling, and the role of strategic thinking and creativity in competitiveness. The program equips law firms, associates and solo practitioners to break out of the life vs. law trap and balance a demanding practice with a fulfilling personal life.

Life in Law helps you cultivate your strengths and talents. The unique qualities that make you stand out can be translated into value for clients. Being able to articulate them in the marketplace provides a foundation for personal growth and a more rewarding career.

Life in Law is about maximizing performance by learning to manage yourself. It’s about balancing your work with your personal life so you can get more out of both.